I let my client testimonials do the talking for me. They are my voices; they are my inspiration, they are my passion, they are my out of this world thoughts, they are my innovative ideas. They will convey a certain trust and belief factor, and why you the interested consumer, who landed upon my website, should have faith in me- Because it is only I who can guide you to what it is YA SEEK!

RESULTS SHOULD BE THE ONLY THING YOU INVEST IN. Only thing should matter is results. Not religion; not RACE, Not CREED, not SKIN COLOR, not AGE, not STEREOTYPES, not SOCIAL or ECONOMIC STATUS, NOT COUNTRY ORIGIN, Not how many LETTERS OR SYMBOLS are behind your name- RESULTS BOTTOM LINE!- Anything else is insignificant!





Vick H Owner
Vick H
I've been working with Al in a group Tone and Fit class at Workout Anytime in Kennesaw and I must say I have not been this motivated in a long time. Al is a great instructor and motivator and even in a group setting he manages to cater to your individual needs!
Tracy J RN
Tracy J
Al is a creative and motivational trainer who is committed to helping you reach your goals. He pushes you so you get the max from your workout, and he gets results! Al is also very encouraging and works as hard as you do. He provides you with all the tools and information that you need to continue your workouts on your own.
Pete P Retired-Delta
Pete P
Al has done an outstanding job working with our 17 year old son who plays league as well as high school soccer as a keeper. Al has worked extensively with him in developing quick muscle response, leg exercises and overall strengthening exercises. Al is easy to work with and flexible with his schedule. He will work with you at your home or at the gym. Overall, Al has done an excellent job as a personal trainer to our son.
Jennifer S Law
Jennifer S
Al is extremely dedicated to his pursuit of re-shaping his clients’ bodies! He is constantly dreaming up new methods of torture.. I mean new exercises… to keep workouts interesting and effective. He is creative, inventive, and yes, maybe even a little crazy. Like the trainers on that one television show, you will curse him while you’re working out, but you’ll love him when you get results. He is going to push you, though… so be ready!
Joanne Y Artist
Joanne Y
Al’s workouts are always challenging and he is a delight to work with. He is very professional and challenges me ( an 80 year old woman). He is the best trainer I have ever had.
Lori North Owner-Interior Decorator
Lori North
Al is an excellent trainer. I needed help in endurance and strength preparing for an obstacle race. He was very knowledgeable about what I needed to do to reach my goal.
Kate D Owner
Kate D
Al is a great personal trainer. I get bored very easily while working out, every time I trained with Al we always did something different to achieve my specific goals!
Corrinne O Government
Corrinne O
Al tailor's your workouts to fit your personal needs. I have appreciated the one on one attention he provides. 6 months has turned into an additional 8. His pricing seems fair and within reason, and with that price he comes to me. Discipline is the key!
Kirk C Teacher
Kirk C
Targeted sessions with attention to form and breathing. Al stresses a wide variety of exercises that make each session challenging. He’s very accommodating, personable and you’ll never be bored with your workout!
Delcey S RN
Delcey S
very professional personal trainer ... Always on time for sessions and very serious about getting you to accomplish your goals.... I would definitely refer him to friends and family.... will teach you how to train on your own.
Shiv P Hotel
Shiv P
You will not find a more hard working and dedicated personal trainer that knows what he is doing. He is working even when he is not training. He studies your intensity and works on pushing you without draining you. He focuses on every part of your body and your life goals. He is an inspiration.
Lisa F Teacher
Lisa F
Al has really motivated me. I was very negative about myself when I started. He is very honest and truthful with his workouts!!! He pushes me to levels I thought I could never do, Instead of downing myself..I now push myself harder. Al is awesome.
Jibreel A Communications
Jibreel A
Al is the real deal!!! I’m a week in and from day one, I knew this brother knew his craft!!!If you want the best, this is definitely the one you want.Come ready to work hard but also be encouraged by a trainer that is multifaceted and immensely knowledgeable!!!!Worth every penny!!! I’m excited about the months to come. Not just about the body…it’s about the mind and spirit as well!!! Amazing!!!
Monei J
Monei J
Al is an excellent trainer! Not only did he transform me physically he also transformed me as a person. Hes a great guy, he knows his stuff and very knowledgeable of fitness and health. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a lifestyle change. Make sure you come prepared he does not play!
Karen C Owner-Embroidery
Karen C
When I first started working out with Al as my trainer I was just getting back to the gym after a year and a half of sitting at home recovering from a car accident. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to do anything but Al knew what I should and could do. He always tells me the reason why I do each movement. He is really good at explaining it in simple terms that I can understand. He pushes me to my limits, something I would never do if I were doing this on my own. As a result of doing what he says I am stronger and have more confidence that I can and will succeed in my journey to health. Al’s workouts regiments are hard, but if you want to see results then that is exactly what you need.
Yvonne S RN
Yvonne S
At first I was worried about signing up with Al and paying in full upfront, since I had never worked with him. I decided to trust my gut and his reviews. I now realize I had nothing to worry about. This guy is one of the most dedicated professionals I have ever worked with, period. He is unbelievably punctual!!! He apparently is passionate about what he does and pushes you. I would NOT be training still, if it were not for the training options Al offers. I have recommended him and continue to recommend him. If you are serious about fitness, here is the guy to help you achieve your goals!!!
Nessa R Beauty and Fashion Artist
Nessa R
Hey, guys Elite40retreat... Well well well .... I'm here to say THANKS!!! I am very very very happy !! The train for Carnival really changed my body and it was so fast!!! Incredible changes and even in a short months! An excellent professional! Congratulations! U were amazing! I thought it wouldn't be possible in a short time, but when the people started to look at my legs, I thought: " Woow, It really works! Rsrsrs " My legs and bumbum are very very cool!!!! And u know how it is so nice for brazilian girls to have a big bumbum. I am in love for my legs... 😍😍😍😍It was a big challenge for me! I excelled by myself! Thank you so much, Elite40Retreat! Oi, Elite40Retreat... rsrsrs Eu estou aqui para agradecer vcs! Eu estou muito muito feliz! O treino para o Carnaval realmente mudou meu corpo e foi bem rápido! Mudanças incríveis em tão poucos meses! Excellente professional! Parabéns! Vc é fantástico! Eu achei que não seria possível em tão pouco tempo mas quando todos começaram a observar minhas pernas, eu disse: " Ohhhh, esse treino realmente funciona! Rsrs" Minhas pernas e o bumbum estão bem legais! E vc sabe o quanto é interessante para uma mulher brasileira ter um bumbum grande... rs. Estou apaixonada pelas minhas pernas 😍😍😍 Eu me superei! Muito obrigada, Elite40Retreat !
Merriah C Pathologist
Merriah C
Where to start? Al is awesome! He is a far cry from the typical unengaged and uninvested L.A. Fitness trainer, for sure. He is extremely serious about his craft, which is evident in his integrated knowledge of body mechanics and fitness techniques. I'll never forget my first session with Al. I thought he was crazy as bat sh*& when he asked me to complete a series of stretches on a pair of small blocks. Very soon, I realized, this guy knows what he's doing. And yes, he really does! I would choose Al as my fitness specialist 100 times over. I am now approximately 1.5 months into my training experience with Al and I have already seen above satisfactory progress in my overall strength, body shape, energy levels, and lung capacity. I came to Al as a less than ideal client, I'm sure. Although I was not obese, I have limitations due to severe asthma. Al has more than worked around this! He is extremely thorough and provides individualized fitness and nutritional services. I have no doubt that my personal journey to overall health and fitness has been accentuated by Al's attention to details and my personal body map. Not only does Al provide individualized services, he is shockingly accessible. Through this, I truly feel as though he wants me to succeed just as much as I do. If you're looking for a fitness specialist that cares about your journey, Al is the guy!
Fernado F Management/Student
Fernado F
For most of my life I have always been a bit of a "nerd" and not very fit; when I started college I decided to change this. I made a goal to get into good shape and become more actively involved in outdoor activities. For a few years I worked out on and off, but even after doing extensive research online I had trouble figuring out how to do the workouts effectively. I also had difficulty learning what to eat and how much of it. I decided to make the investment and get a personal trainer to show me the ropes and that is how I met Al. I've had a few sessions with other personal trainers (free sessions) that had failed to interest me. It seemed like they were only in it for the money. Al stood out by having a noticeable passion for what he does. He enjoys helping people get healthy and in shape while boosting their self-confidence; he isn't interested in just training pretty women! During my first 3-month agreement with Al, I learned a lot about how to work out properly. Since I was mostly interested in gaining lean muscle, he worked me hard. Al's workouts can seem like boot camp, but one of his greatest strengths is keeping you motivated. He constantly pushed me to my limits and motivated me to become stronger, and every day I found that my limits were greater. Al knows what he is doing and his workouts are very effective. I'm able to do exercise now at an intensity that I never thought I would be able to get to. I a lot more energy to get myself through the day. My performance at my job as increased as well, getting in shape with Al has helped improve all aspects of my life. I recently signed on a second agreement with Al to take my workouts to the next level! You wont regret training with Al, he will take you past your limits!
Gerald A International Logistics
Gerald A
I had a chance to watch Al Mcbee for several months before using him as a personal trainer. Being a former athlete there are just certain things I look for within a trainer, professionalism, being knowledgeable and showing results. I was so impressed with Al’s performance that I informed my son who’s a professional athlete to possibly utilize his services during his off-season. The results that my son was able to accomplish using Al were amazing. My son was very satisfied with his results. When it came time for me to hire a personal trainer it was a no brainer to hire Al. My issues were a little different, my issues were health related and I was no longer an athlete preparing for a season. I was interested in seeing how Al was going to change his training program as it’s pretty easy to train a world class athlete; it’s a little more challenging when dealing with a client with health issue; or just wanting to get back in shape. I bring this up because I think it’s very important to show Al’s versatility and his ability to train a person regardless of their physical level or ability. Al and I sat down and talked about what I wanted to accomplish, primarily changing my diet with the help of a nutritionist and losing about eighty pounds. What I liked about Al is that we set realistic goals and timeframes; we talked about my diet based on what my nutritionist gave me to follow, and how long it would take to accomplish this in conjunction with workouts. He agreed how important changing my eating habits was for the goals we were trying to meet to be successful. It all made perfect sense as you can’t workout for an hour, then eat a Big Mac combo. Once I started my lessons we targeted areas of concern; Al was very knowledgeable and informative about what we were trying to accomplish during and after each lesson. Al’s motto is simple, train like an athlete and you’ll look like one; which means you’re going to work your tail off, but the results are not deniable. I learned real fast that the word former athlete really meant former, but the workouts were challenging and Al has the skills to know how to push you to get maximum results. Fast forward, within several months I have lost sixty-five pounds and my blood pressure is under control. I haven’t felt this good in years. We’re on pace with the timeframe that he originally gave me and I find myself working out just as hard on my off days, which is a credit to Al’s ability to motivate his clients. When we’re working out its amazing, the interest members have about Al’s workouts and the questions I’m asked and how challenging my workouts look. My reply is always the same, Al is the real deal, and he gets results, no matter what level you’re at physically. Al’s training methods were designed for each individual’s ability, which shows the true ability of a trainer. All of Al’s clients in the gym, Workout Anytime, has developed a special bond and friendship with each other and have a great time encouraging each other to work hard. It’s really cool knowing that I’m part of Al‘s group and that many members watch us in admiration during our workouts. My suggestion to them is, to get off the sidelines and get in the game. My wife was so impressed with my results that she now uses Al as a personal trainer and her results are simply amazing. I’m sure her review will be coming out soon. Many thanks to Al Mcbee for helping me obtain my results and listening to my doctors’ say, job well done.