Online Coaching Services That Cater To Your Specific Genetics And Body Needs.


Online coaching services- Target what are your specific needs at that time. Needs can always change later as you progress. They will have to CHANGE as the human body/brain is quick to adapting to body/metabolism and hormonal changes. Therefore, we must implement a sound base to start from to give the body a chance to change on a cellular level. That's why all services has to be customized to the individual's genetics.


:Custom nutrition only-" no fitness"-This package is suited for those already self sufficient with the training portion but need a custom nutrition plan optimized for their specific genetics to facilitate desired results.

:Online fitness videos- Recorded video for your desired body part and sent through youtube or accessed through a shared Google drive link with you

:Targeted focused body parts training- Pick out one stubborn body part you can NOT get the results you've been looking for and AL will send dedicated workouts for that specific body part

:Custom nutrition and fitness- This is customize 3 days meal plan and 3 days fitness plan design for your unique genetics only.

:Custom nutrition and fitness- This is customize 5 days meal plan and 5 days fitness plan design for your unique genetics only. Only 5 days because you will have two cheat days. Just don't go overboard.

:33 MINUTE LIVE HIIT SESSIONS- Think you can keep up?  Need a nice intense adrenaline rush/feel the burn session. Al's sessions will be innovative; quick hitting all your major and minor muscle groups, intense,  fun and challenging. Sessions may include any of the following exp: Free weights; Kettle bells, Fitness bands, Undulation ropes, Jump ropes, Bosu ball, Trampolines, Weight vest, Workout stick bars etc....These sessions will be design to gain lean muscle and reduce body fat. Only a limited amount of "LIVE VIRTUAL SESSIONS" will be scheduled. Only 40 per month.-RESERVE YOUR SPOT EARLY

:Email support level (3)- Text support level (2)- Live phone support level(1) A special phone number will be give to those who need live phone support 24/7 access

:monitored progress, 40 min conference calls,  follow up with progress reports and visual evidence of body transformations... These followups will be through apps such as- Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook or Facetime- You will be required to keep a food journal at all the times.



Al explains why he decided go to online training-" Online training is better for the economy and i can help much more people at an affordable priceIts more time efficient with mine and peoples hectic schedules".

"I still do mobile and traveling health coaching services"- Phone me direct for those elite services.